No one likes Mondays. I'm no exception. 

During the course of the week, I like to jot down ideas, responses to media stories, and other micro-opinions for which I have no existing outlet, so I've decided to compile them on a blog draft and set them to automatically post on Monday mornings.

They're not important. They're not earth-shattering. But maybe the three people that read this blog will use it to drag them out of their Monday morning mourning. I hope someone enjoys.


I'm not a NASCAR fan, but I know about Tony Stewart. He's a hothead. He once threatened to run over another driver. His nickname is "Smoke." He likes to insult journalists. He's half-insane.

Well, this last weekend, he ran over a 20-year-old driver by the name of Kevin Ward Jr.

But here's the thing: Ward, wearing a black suit on a poorly-lit track, exited his vehicle and stepped almost directly into Stewart's path as he was coming around turn 2. He was screaming and pointing at Stewart, who sped up and caught Ward with his rear-right tire, sending him 50 feet down the track.

But speeding past drivers who are trying to confront you is common racing practice. You're not trying to "buzz" another driver — you're getting out of the situation. Stewart drove these dirt tracks for fun. It wasn't a NASCAR-sanctioned event. He wasn't out there to make enemies. He was simply having fun.

Despite the horror of the tragedy, there's no way Stewart should be blamed for Ward's death. Is it incredibly unfortunate? Yep. Was it premeditated murder? Don't be ridiculous.


The radical Islamic group ISIS is decapitating Christians in Iraq, including children There are a few problems that jump out at me every time I hear similar stories:

  1. This isn't abnormal. Muslims kill people all the time, especially non-Muslims living in Muslim nations.
  2. Islamic leaders almost never publicly condemn these acts. Their silence is deafening.
  3. This is what the Palestinians would do to every Israeli if they could.

When you read these stories, and only see Islamic commentators respond to questions with, "But this is why..." reasoning on talk shows, it leads me to believe that the vast majority of Muslims on this planet are secretly supportive of these acts.

From the Qur'an (4:89):

"They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of God; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper."

Religion of peace? Not a chance.


Coming off the previous two thoughts, this might seem trivial, but seriously...

How is being a poet actually considered a job/profession/occupation? Yes, we are moved by famous poets like Robert Frost, John Keats, and Emily Dickinson, but let's be honest: most poetry is incredibly stupid.

Even the "art" of some of the supposed greats is embarrassing when you read it (I'm looking at you, Allen Ginsberg). There's a reason starving artists were starving before governments started funding their so-called art.

Poets, we appreciate what you do, but get a real job.

Ryan DeanComment